Seven Steps to Web Development

7 Steps to Building a Professional Website

Keeping your Project On-time and On-Budget

Using tried and true project management processes, we keep your project running smoothly and on budget. This cycle can continue for ongoing maintenance or for tiered launch approach.

Discovery - We listen and learn about your company in order to develop an online strategy thats meets your needs

User Experience - Develop user navigation flows, sitemaps and wireframes. Plan the website from the a functionality first approach.

Design & Branding - create designs of the look and feel of the website and build a visual strategy for your online entities

Development - The coding of the website and the different server configurations your project requires.

QA - Impliment a strict quality control procedure to find the last bits of fringe issues from less used browsers or devices

Deployment - Launch the site and open the champagne.

Follow up - Scheduled calls for the weeks following the launch of the website. Investigate new features to consider for the next round of updates.

Maintence and Repeating the Development Process

The process of your website doesn't end at launch. The entire system will repeat for new features and new sections of your website. For instance a strategy for enticing users to subscribe, or bring more atention to your new products, the process merely starts over.