Mobile and Responsive Design

Mobile is King

Reaching Your Audience on Any Device.

Your audience uses their mobile phones at least as much as they use their desktops. Utilizing Alien Communication’s code once deploy anywhere concept, you can provide your users with a unique experience no matter where they are.

The Most Used devices are Mobile, Design for it.

If you’re following the current trends. Your customers are accessing your website on their mobile device at least as much as on desktop. Nationwide usage in the United States will continue to have more people using iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices eclipse desktop web users.

Responsive Design from the Top down.

On each device your website works as an extension of your brand. We don’t use templates or boilerplates which leave your site looking like any other website. Its unique for your brand and that means for mobile too.

Mobile Application with Cordova or Appcelerator

Alien communication builds mobile applications with both the Phonegap/Cordova and Titanium Appcelerator platforms. These libraries allow us to code your app once yet deploy on many different devices. Whether you need iOS, Android, Windows Phone or all 3, we can can code one time and deploy to all three appstores. Saving you money in the process. It's alot less work to code one app then to code 3 different apps.