Custom CMS Solution

Active Admin CMS for Ruby on Rails

React Quickly to the Online Landscape

A custom CMS solution will allow you react quickly to changing online trends and opinions. With standardized CMS solutions you need to find the right plugins or custom hack a solution for your workflow. With a custom CMS solution the system is setup for the way your business operates.

A Custom CMS Approach Built on Active Admin with Ruby on Rails

Built with the agile Ruby on Rails framework, Active Admin gives our development team the ability to create a customized CMS for your needs.

Quick to Code Because It's Built on Ruby on Rails

There is a reason why most of the Startups in Silicon Valley use ruby on rails. Its a very rapid framework for developers. Alien Communication uses the shortcuts in rails to build your application more quickly and with more quality than most open source solutions.

We Build for Speed

The speed your site loads directly affects how engaged your customer are. Studies show that even less than a second in extra load time will lose users. Alien Communication builds websites with the latest techniques and tools, such as: dedicated servers, combined front end files, and amazon’s own content delivery service cloudfront for speedy file serving. We concentrate on speed very closely so that your customers stay focused on your message and not on your site load times.