iHeartRadio Cityscapes Touch App

Increasing iHeartRadio Sales with A Touchscreen

This iHeartRadio presentation highlights the unique opportunities that the iHeartRadio offers marketers. Allowing iHeart to walk a potential client through different areas of social and targeted marketing iHeart offers.

The application is designed around an ecosystem of the iHeartRadio universe, where the user can choose their own path to explore. The different areas to explore include Celebrities, different iHeart events, in vehicle reach and more. Diving into any area of influence drops the user into a city of different interactive areas to explore.

Each area of influence is presented as a different city of the US. Users can move between different cities or go back to the ecosystem.

Alien Communication worked with Decon to build this application for IPG Labs. The final client was thrilled and it was great success for either presentations or trade shows.