Blackberry Be Bold

Blackberry Users Share their Videos, Photos, and Tweets.

Blackberry wanted to give their users an opportunity to speak up and tell the world how much of a blackberry fan they were. This lead to a fully social website allowing users to share and explore using content from across the internet.

The waterfall experience of this site allows the users travel through the 5 different areas : Heart, Tech, Pursuit, Body and Mind, which are the ways in which their blackberry fans use their phone. From the start the experience completely surrounds the user with options for viewing content, as the user scrolls the waterfall of tweets, videos, posts and articles flow upwards.

The site enables users to engage directly within the website. With their youtube or facebook login, they can submit their videos and photos directly to the site, or they can upload their own content. Making it very simple for Blackberry fans to become part of the conversation.